let falling apart

A place that surrounded by barbed wire,
where crimes perform on a wider scale.
Those who fear of death were all succumb to bend,
A will to power was frustrated failed.

I see no survival on the catastrophic scene.
No lie, all men are as silence as dead.
Above this utter farce, you dare not intervene,
“Let falling apart.” Said and turned your head away.
As always!

A cries of despair echo thru night and day
that they can’t exterminate.
Twisted bodies dancing in the chamber cage,
screened in the poison haze.

I don’t hold any grudge against you at all.
By now you’re suffering from shame and remorse.
To erase all these dirts of the genocide,
would you flood it one more time? ‘Cos this world was vandalized.
I get paralyzed!

The soldiers did the killing in many different ways,
I can see the rapture on their faces.
The tormented victims had gone away,
left the blood spots are here to stay.

Poetry from Far Away

leave it all behind in this brand new morning
locked my soul into the sea of mind
and spend all the time, let ignore that ticking
retreat to dream so I can visualize

life in a dream where you’re still with me

like on silver screen, you and me
till kingdom come and till death us do part
you are the movie star of my memory
forever prison the fictitious you in my heart

I’ve spent all my life in unknown mourning
with all this feelings, it’s hard to tranquilize
gonna leave them all behind to where no way of knowing
evade this world from being terrified

(sometimes i dream of you.)

(sometimes i dreamt of you.)

windowsill serves me rain
looking through the kaleidoscope i think
sunlight illuminated the eyes of me

xx ill ease my pain
for being alone, there’s nothing left to blame
those blurred memories still linger on here

mind’s a-roaming, decay to where left remain
dreams are beauty, but somehow it bought me tears

sometimes I dream of you
just sometimes

furred dirt

the buildings were demolished.
ideology has slowly vanished.
emotion cynically,
nowhere left to unleash.

the police were governed,
by an autocratic tyrant.
the wall of riot shield,
is blocking all the views.

and I’ll never understand,
the good and the evil,
the rich and the poor,
the master and slave.

is it necessary,
to categorize the class?

after all we both do,
sleeping, waking, morning, evening…


after a certain amount of time that we wasted away
after a thousands of lie that we penetrated
we crave for and we pray for
that won’t belong to us at all, anyhow

though it’s the same old dialogue that you used to say to me
though I’m too pessimistic than I have ever be

scripts of the fate can never be confined
our relentless hearts feel like burning, a-burning, a-burning, a-burning
deceits that we once trusted, it worth nothing at all now
redefining what we trust, and stop lying, a-lying to ourselves

this time, could we hold on for the moment
the rust has fooled us to depart
this line, will it last for ever
or the trust will fade like a sparkle

this reality we hate
the tears we cry

Bm | G | E7 | F#
G | C#7 | F#7

Music: Kazaf / Vinc
Word: Vinc

for & against

shadow of your one piece dress
cast a silhouette in foam of deception
as the waves phase restlessly
spin out a superficial ocean
the monochrome costume is
covering your pale white skin

an annotation of my dream
vivid like a silver screen
an annotation of your smile
the exotic and the lies

she cast a spell of collusion
sailing alone is tragical
I’m in love but I’m cynical
inspired me a thousand illustration
like flood

the weight

leaving now I’m poisoned by this haze
pressure in the air has made me suffocate
gonna get away but don’t know where to stay

since I lost you, above me is a cloud
lingers on me and it is raining now
every lovers are sneering at me now
all those faces

why my heart is beating without a sound
the parts inside me is nearly broken down
loneliness is like a german tank
strafing at me
strafing at me

the crosshair is aiming
upon my face
upon my face

| Dm9, Dm/C | Bb7#11 | G6 | Gm/A, A7 |

∆ Music: Danson / Arrangement: Danson & Vinc ∆


verse 1:
F / D7 sus4 / Gm / C7

you discard yr past long ago
architecture demolition
a void brief history remain
oh you’re frustrated astray
(oh you sail yr soul away)

chorus 1:
F / E7 / Am / Gm sus4
F / Edim / Dm / C
Bb / G7 sus4 / C7 / Caug

a lonely ship that bound to be wrecked
at the foggy inland sea

an infinite lighthouses are shedding the light on

like an infinite amount of hope
it’s not for you, but me?

verse 2:

on your behalf, the chemistry let go
emotional reallocation
the noises of loneliness plan
me on myriad ways
how come you desperately

chorus 2:

sail this lonely ship that bound to be wrecked
at the foggy inland sea, an infinite lighthouses are shedding the light on
you abandoned me without a look back on
whom you’d ever loved


in central elevated walkway, where I knee all day
where the slaves reigns its rapidly pace

my body did caught your eyes
a compression, a sympathy
recall those sensation of your fear

that you tried hard to hide
an exhibition, like a bald tree
a tree without branches and leaves

an error, unintended false design
an installation, a bloody creep
an armless freak that begging at the street
(‘me to play.’)

‘can there be misery-
loftier than mine?’
won’t you please give me a dime?

it’s so plain to see, I tell no lies
to redeem all my former crimes
are you a sympathizer, aren’t you?

artist’s misfortune

standing on a horizontal wire
I programmed to be a trapeze
underneath an artificial sky
I surround with an ecstasy

dressed up as an armless disable
a-walking at a hundred feet
a show planned to be tragical
to amuse with no sympathy

applauded by the audience
is that an acclaim of my performance
or out of expectation of an accident?

I born to be misfortune
but I pround to be a performing artist
some says, misfortune is the destiny of an artist

the time has come
the scarlet waters from my fueled tank
gonna saturate your pale white heart
gonna pave the void of your vacant soul


— verse:
atmosphere of this town is dismally silent (as the grave)
today here seem to be somewhere else (different place)
those kids used to play around on the playground everyday
oh Kathy, you came back too late
if you’ve been here early, things won’t ever be happen this way

— chorus:
on this gloomy Saturday, shall we have some tea, babe
I know you’re eager to see your man today
hey, wait, not today
stop approaching the gate! Oh Kathy
get back and please, allow me to explain

— verse:
the scarlet tree-like streams on the ground
and the caesious concrete has been bloody saturated
oh God, I refuse to recognized it as a friend of mine
oh yes, you see through my pale eyes
I’m shocked today

oh no, you see it’s just the problem of mine
I don’t sleep well these days
those sound still echoes around my brain
which I can never forget

— chorus:
It’s been a long weekdays, you broke your back
just want to see their smiling faces
hey, wait
stop, stop approaching the gate! oh Kathy
get back, get back to another way

— interlude:
the police tapes blocked the aisle
oh Kathy, please come with me
let us have some warm drinks
it’s hard to accept, if your cherish one has passed away

— chorus:
hey, wait, not today
I said, not to back home right now!
let them clean it up, and let my tears pour ’til dry
the sound, the clash
a weight crashed into a stony ground
oh Kathy, I just don’t want to see you cry
and this tragic will cruelly strike
to you and me forever

Fm add9 / Eb maj7
Fm add9 / Eb maj7

Cm add9 / Eb maj7
Cm add9 / Eb maj7 , Fm add9 (2nd Inversion)

Bb add9 / G7
Cm add9 / C7 , F majorF aug (half bar)

love conductor

conducted by the currents you are flowing
to a trend where no ways of knowing
I look on regardless
as I hide my face in darkness

mistrust to what those prophets forecast
got no script on hand for direct-ion
I guided by reckless
from my innate rebellion

but then you come closer
your delicate tender
my heart string has been vacillated
a wave form from a oscillator
released from the isolation
you reflected my saturation

O dear, may you control
my withdrawal tragic soul
honey, by now I know
love is a feeling untold

synthesized love

if love can synthesized by a instrument, if hate can erase in one click,
life could be easier and I am no longer a lyricist.

sometimes I think I’m miserable, and
I know I’m too cynical.
god knows I’m spiritual, life is beautiful, so do I.

I’m brave enough for exposing my weakness.
I’m wise enough to act like a fool.
I’m fall in love with my one and loneliness.
I’m fall in love with no ones but you.

you could have me by oscillating, my heart string that inside me
it might not be resonance but it’s like a telegram

those words to someone is nothing, but to you it meant for everything
or you treat it as regardless, to put in into a envelope

I stand in front of him, in style of humble.
somehow I was on my knees.
he tease me in a sense of humor,
he told me in gentle whisper

a will to the battlefield

sometimes sensation could be misleading
sometimes affection forms in nothing
the photograph of you get blurred in the retina of my eyes
but your imagine is as clear as the sky in my determined mind

memory does fade away by the time
frame by frame, it won’t be still

someday you won’t stay by my side
but I know that I will love you still

everywhere a concrete feels like in motion
every time truth faith sounds like a contradiction
but the thought is invaliding me from the inside of my mind
my heart is demanding those feeling it reminds that I’m alive

lights shine through the smokes
cut through the brutal senesce
lead the soldier’s hope
into a daydream

take a drag for a warm breathe
take it for a clam
taste it in until no ones left but me
survival here
in a battlefield


night after night, we fought for our reason
a reason that we thought it worth to die for
emotions confine those questions that we gave
in the end we’ll forgot ourselves

once hopeless come forth, we soon will break like a broken glass
its shatter drew bloods, marked the frail soul stands last
let drift for the waves, with no chance survival
the weather gets cold, and resentment well kept

where will it go?
where will I go?
when it gone?
when I gone?

some part of me, is latched up from the inside
avoiding all the senses and hurts in reality
pretend to believe that the form follows function
buried by whose has power to reign

I keep walking through this endless playground of God
try hard to know my inner of self
where are the destination? am I convinced?
a fragmentary soul keep asking where will it go?
when it gone?

| Cm | Ab | Gm | G7 |

the drunken song

O won’t you please, serve me whisky?
‘cos I’m down and I’m lonely
I’m gonna rant ’bout what went wrong
it happened far too long
I’m gonna sing you a love song
a feeling remains too strong

at the start
how love was fair and true
in the end
it gone black and blue


through the lies and the filthy deceits
and the painted people let me down
I escaped on the day of eclipse
I trespassed in a iron town

where the statue of justice stands firm
where the broadcast speaks the moral aloud
where the neon lights brutally burn
I walked in a roundabout

they treated me like a visitor
they fed me a phony gold coin
I had refuse, but my desire conquered
the rationalization of me
chemical reaction pains me
it metalized my skins and
mechanized my bones

they taught me to be logical
if, then, else
they gifted me a puzzle
the picture that hardly tells

one of these days I’ll forget
that form follows function
trap into the depth
of this lifeless ocean

doctrine of class struggle
no one cares
the sociological
O too frail

one of these days I will forget
my primal destination
buried in regret
in this frigid zone

there I lived in the enormous machine
the damage wasn’t pain as it seems
we communicate with each other
in codes without colour

under the darkest scarlet red sky
my motorized heart wasn’t mine
I wept beside the cold steel wall
they chanted their anthem for all

we are not exist
soon we will fatigue
we reach the yield point
and we will be gone

Gm / F
Gm / F

Bb7 / Ab7
Bb7 / Ab7
Ab7 / Ab7, F#

Gm / Cm / Dm / D, F#7

a hindsight

under a electric sky
where hearts and souls collide
you told me the expectations of your life
you made up a landscape that I wanna belong

through the endless crying
there I go with my moral dying
the one guides me to struggle the times
a proof of spoken words that remains long gone

even I doubt the explanation of yours
even my tears are pouring
even the truth you claim is unnecessary, not anymore
I trust in what you seen
though I know it was a dream

the scum of us

(Verse 1.)
| Bm7 | F#m7 |
I wouldn’t feel sorry
| Bm7 | F#m7 |
if our ever loving hearts all gone dying
| G | A |
collapsed for the mistakes that I’ve made
| G | A7 |
which cannot repay

(Verse 2.)
my heart is empty
because of the friends of mine surrounded me
because of the times have slipped away
I cannot retrace

(Verse 3.)
my soul is buried
down below a stack of dead leaves
down beneath an abyss of my memories
where you’re still with me

| Bm7 | Bm7 | A7 | A7 | x 2
| F#m | F#m | G | G |
| C# | C#7 | E7 | F#7 |
| Bm | Bm |

(Verse 4.)
no, it can’t repair
I know I could act like anybody else instead
however I tried
something goes wrong

| Ab | C | Gb6 | Bb7 |
the scum of mine, oh I know
you are so high, but I’m creeping low
the scum of mine, so you gone

| Bm7 | D6 | G | F7 | A7 |

| G7 | A7 | F7 | Bm7 |


You travel the field and smell the rose
Recall the names of every road
Run barefoot with both eyes closed
You feel secure and you call it home

For this place you drew a map
You nail your camp and you’re all set

Once again you stride the land
It became a maze you lost your sense
The wind misleads and it blew your plan
In this kaleidoscope you’re left in flares

You’re in need to read your map
Just to find it’s no longer the fact

Even when you’re tripped
It’s a free trip to another place
Just one step of the journey
So make your step and travel with grace

You don’t need no map afterall
It’s optimism you’ll never lost
Now tighten the shoelaces and try to walk
Take a deep breathe and start explore


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